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fellow never wastes a bullet—something falls
every time he fires/

Almighty Voice's old mother Spotted Calf had
stood on top of the rise just back of the thicket
all night, shouting encouragement to her son.
Through the chilly darkness she stood on her
little pinnacle and recounted to him the brave
exploits of his father Sounding Sky and his
famous grandfather Chief One Arrow; and she
urged him to die the brave that he had shown
himself to be.

'Don't weaken, my son/ she shouted. 'You
must die fighting them!' From time to time the
mounted police would search and find her in the
darkness, and gently try to get her to go home.

'They said to me/ she told me: * "You must not
stay here; you will get hurt!" And they would
try to lead me off the field. But I could not go
home and sleep when I knew my boy was in

Now and then Almighty Voice would answer
his mother through the darkness. Informing her
how he was faring.

After the two attacks on Friday, he said, he and
his remaining boy relative had dug a hole and got
Into it and covered it over with brush. They
were lying under this brush with their deadly
rifles poking out to kill anyone who attempted
to come into the thicket after them. Two